November 22, 2017


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6 USB Charging Station For Multiple Devices – FAST Multiple USB Charger Multi Port Hub – iPad Nightstand Charging Station Organizer Dock – Smart Cell Phone Docking Station – iPhone Charger Stand

  • Rev #2.0
  • NEW 2022 design
  • New Model Names:  SG0106-US-BK, SG0106-US-BK_W, SG0106-US-SL
  • Amazon ASIN: B0B3RQLVRW, B08JSPXZP4, B081FC54YN
  • EAN\UPC: 0768137565327, 0768137565334

FAST USB CHARGER STATION ORGANIZER – quickly charge iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Android Cell Phone without multiple usb chargers & sockets – universal 6 usb charging station for multiple devices has 6 FAST CHARGING PORTS and comes with 7 SHORT FAST CHARGE DATA CABLES (3 micro-USB, 1 Type-C, 3 iPhone compatible) – this fast multiple usb charger multi port hub holds your devices tidily for a hassle-free charging & clutter-free space

AUTO DETECTION & SMART CHARGING – built in integrated smart chip of this universal usb port charger station is intelligent enough to DECIPHER AUTOMATICALLY the power REQUIREMENTS of multi connected devices, and ACCORDINGLY ADJUST POWER to each port for optimum rapid charging speed – Each port can reach 2,4A and whole usb hub charger station dock can charge up to 6 devices together at faster rate

BATTERY FRIENDLY & SAFE usb charging hub – Timstool Micro Usb 6 Charging Station Docks offer gadgets SHORT CIRCUIT, and OVERVOLTAGE PROTECTION – ANTI SLIP Silicone Pads of this universal Сell Phone, iPhone, iPad docking station charger PREVENT SCRATCHES and firmly position devices & STURDY, TALL, REMOVABLE BAFFLES with wide spacing – enhance large tablets stability and make this 6 usb port charger hub compatible even with thick devices

NOISE FREE & SLEEP FRIENDLY 6 port nightstand charging station organizer with LED INDICATORS – this bedside iPad charging station makes no NOISE & allows for PEACEFUL SLEEPING – LEDs indicate the charging status and prove ideal even as NIGHT LIGHT solution – however, if you prefer dark surroundings at night, all LEDs of this smartphone and iPhone compatible charger stand COULD BE SWITCHED OFF with a SIMPLE BUTTON – definitely the best charging stations & nightstand chargers for iPhone and android

1YEAR WARRANTY – PREMIUM QUALITY usb wall charger multi port – made from HEAVY DUTY FLAME RETARDANT MATERIALS this Samsung charging dock station organizer is yet light enough to be easily carry along during travel (100-240V for WORLD-WIDE COMPATIBILITY) – REMOVABLE BAFFLES make it even easier to store all the devices – TIMSTOOL also offers you 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE to let you buy with full confidence – certainly the best tablet, watch, i phone charging stations


Quickly charge multiple devices while keeping them tidily organized at a work desk or bedside table – no more tangled cables, no struggles to find multiple chargers or sockets, and no buzzing sound produced by docking station all night long!


  • Includes 7 fast-charging short cables that eliminate tangling & let you use the charging station right away – with 2 micro-USB & 1 Type-C & 4 iPhone compatible cables – ideal for entire family & even guests
  • Robust build that offers stability & protection – comes equipped with Anti-slip pads that prevent inadvertent slipping & scratching of devices even when moving it around
  • Unlike other inferior quality baffles that break easily, these are incredibly strong – you even get 1 spare baffle for accidental damages
  • Taller baffles further add to the safe & reliable storage of devices on the dock
  • Generous spacing between baffles & removable baffle design allows you to store phones & tablets that are unusually thick, and even those that are protected by bulkier cases
  • Travel-friendly device – ability to operate over a wide range of 100-240v & 50-60H makes our docking station suitable for a wide range of destinations – be it US, EU, UK, ASIA or many other countries
  • LED indicators that automatically turn off once the charging of corresponding device is over – first baffle always remains ON, making it ideal even for use as a night light
  • Sleep-Friendly design allows you to turn off all LEDs using a single switch, and also makes no buzzing noise


Color: Black and Silver
Input: AC 100-240V (50-60Hz)
Port Output: DC 5V 2.4A
Max Total Output: DC 5V 10A
Product Weight: 495g
Product Dimensions: 185 x 31 x 130mm
Package Weight: 671g